JULY, 2021

It took a while for me to get used to the orange suspension, but I must say its definitely grown on us here at the shop.

Out latest full vehicle build is a real head turner with its dark presence and a set-up ready for anything life can throw at it. This one’s boasting our latest in canopy design, 4″ suspension lift, 4000kg GVM and more flex than a standard Nissan Patrol.

We’ve had this vehicle from new and the build started off with us working along side Blue Flame Automotive as they installed the Superior Engineering Outback Tourer suspension kit. Its comprises of a replacement rear diff with track correction, rear coil springs, extended 4-link rear end and hyperflex front radius arms among other things. This work is all done under SSM for new pre-registered vehicles and is 100% street legal Australia wide. Even with the 35″ tyres.

Like the majority of our builds, we have project managed the build from the beginning, leaving the client to get on with his daily life and have us as one point of contact, and the assurance of his dream car in safe hands.

Having your build project managed by one company eliminates a lot of unforeseen problems some owners don’t think of when planning their build. Things like vehicle freight costs (as its unregistered and cannot be driven) or the time you would need to take off work to arrange all these bookings, extra time due to waiting cues and corelating booking dates, scratches & damage and shops passing the blame, and most importantly many people doing your auto electrical wiring who don’t communicate together. If these things aren’t considered its going to end up costing more, and not knowing who did what.

As all our trays and canopies are a two-piece set up, this owner has also included in the build some 3mm aluminium removable drop sides and rear ladder rack for the odd chance he may wish to remove his canopy and use the vehicle as a utility. Or sell the car, keep the canopy for his next car. You get the idea.

For more info, take a look at the rig rundown below and the photos and YouTube walk around.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.

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