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Recent Builds

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  • Kalgoorlie

    Our most recent build you see here was built for a traveling couple, originally from Kalgoorlie Western Australia. Whilst in Sydney their plans called for an upgrade to a new LC79 which were happy to ablige.

  • Loveday

    This story starts off with a cruiser that fell into this fellas lap, and an unfortunate start to another's.

  • Two Years On

    Derek's had his tray set up for almost 2 years. Now he's back to have his canopy fitted, this time I have taken some photos and put it up for all to see.


    Our biggest and most modified vehicle to date. On this blog we're going into great detail how this became a thing.

  • On Track 79

    Before me, sits a blank canvas as such, and only the begining of our clients many adventures and great memories.

  • Meen 79

    At first glance it may look like many others on our page, but when you look closer, its unique in its own way. Our client has been very specific how he wanted it built, which we delivered on all aspects.

  • Rich Returns

    Rich is back for more and this time to change his set up from work ute to Cape York tourer

  • Reinvested

    For those who have been following us since the beginning, you may remember this car. This was our first LC79 to come through the shop back in 2018 and the one which started it all, setting our benchmark in LC79 trays and canopies.

  • Ultimate Workhorse

    This would have to be the most comfortable as a 79 series work ute is going to get with a build spec sheet as long as your arm!

  • Outback Tourer

    It took a while for me to get used to the orange suspension, but I must say its definitely grown on us here at the shop.

  • Jordan Built

    This'll be his second tray built by us and due for an upgrade. He's followed our journey since his last build and has always wanted to step it up and get into a new 79 series Land Cruiser

  • Full Zhoosh

    Harrison's a local chap, and over the years he's been dropping into the shop discussing the thought of a future build with us and his current 2014 model 79 series. Instead of selling his pride and joy and replacing it with a new one, he decided to keep the one he knows so well, reinvest and give this old girl the 'Full Zhoosh'

  • Off Grid

    The only vehicle you should trust to be OFFGRID. Our most popular build style on the sandy taupe 79.

  • Cairns Cruiser

    Built for work, this new 2020 plated 79 has features any construction boss would want.

  • Black Ferrari

    No its not a Ferrari, but it bloody well feels like one compared its predecessor.

  • Single Cab 79

    The iconic workhorse of Austraila about to set off for the big lap.

  • Stretched 79

    Bringing you our first 300 stretched, rear coil converted 2020 LC79

  • The Contender

    Its not uncommon for us to build a vehicle for someone we've never met, this ones going to a 'place of little water' in remote WA.

  • Game Changer

    With this recent full vehicle build, we've successfully just made some lucky kids dream come true.

  • Fully Equipped 79

    Our first production built LC79. Giving out clients the opportunity to purchase a ready-build brand new cruiser ready to go, without the wait.



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Love this colour. Not many like it and that’s how I’d prefer.
#merlot #79 #toyota #landcruiser #79series #frontend #seboss #se #shannons_engineering

That moment you realise that 10mm socket isn’t coming back.
#bigrig #seboss #lc79 #vdj #builtnotbought #portals #shannons_engineering #se

Giving a little credit to @patches_of_aus for sending in this epic sunset shot.
#sunset #camping #touring #traveling #australia #campfire #outback

Who’s getting out there this weekend making the most of this weather?
#drivingresponsibly #mudbath #sendit #seboss #shannons_engineering #se
📸 @onderaye

Zoom in for quality. Practicing with the new Sigma 105 lens.
#lc79 #jungleshoot #seboss #shannons_engineering

We’re on the hunt for a full or part time Auto Sparky to join our team!
Experience in 12v hardware and accessory fitting essential.
Send your application to with some photos of your work.
Located Brookvale 2100
#positionvacant #jobs #findajobyoulove #autoelectrician #autoelectrical #12v

Sun, sand and a cold beer.
After a long day of driving nothing beats a cold beer and a pristine beach to ourselves.
#lc79 #aussie #tourer #travel #adventure #touring #australia #beachdriving #rig #rigbuild #fullvehiclebuild #portals #shannons_engineering #se #seboss #travelphotography #travelaustralia

Killer shot sent in by @patches_of_aus
To see more info about his build head to our recent builds tab on our website and look for the Game Changer.
#79 #79series #tourer #og #gamechanger #explore #australia #se #shannons_engineering

Stage one of Anton’s dream 79 build complete and she’s on the truck to the dealership for rego a week before Christmas.
This is definitely one naughty 79 and 100% street legal Australia wide.
We will be continuing this build next year with some bar work, complete interior fit-out and two interchangeable canopies - one for the work and one for hunting so stay tuned!
#fullvehiclebuild #projectcar #rigsaustralia #toyota #79series #coiled #flex #stage1 #rigstagram #shannons_engineering #se #sydney #australia #australianmade

Welcome to the jungle.
#explore #adventure #rainforest #deepintheforest #carphotography #theroadlesstraveled #70series #79series #toyota #landcruiser #merlot #staunch #portals #portalaxles #seboss #se #shannons_engineering

About us

We live and breathe camping, touring & 4wding. Our passion is high detail, high end custom ute trays and canopies built to order from a mixture of Australian steel & aluminium.

Our trays and canopies are built by hand to the highest standard possible. We are always thinking ahead and finding ways to improve our products with innovative computer aided design and new technology through products we endorse.

At Shannons Engineering, no two jobs are the same. Our customer base varies, as do their needs. We can offer you a complete package from trays, canopies, touring set-ups, 4wd suspension, power management, bull bars tow bars, wheels tyres and accessories. Just ask us.

Our History

Established in 2004, We ran a successful business doing custom metal fabrication, working in stainless steel, aluminium and steel, we have been the most versatile metal shop working with builders, architects, homeowners, landscapers, tradesman, councils, and even the ADF.

Challenging every job that came through the door has given us a great satisfaction and knowledge using a wide skill set and a vast variety of materials but the time had come to reinvent ourselves & follow our dreams and become a household name in custom ute trays and canopy scene.

Since then, we made the choice to give up the daily grind of general fabrication and follow dreams making high-end custom ute trays. Building ute trays led us to making canopies and now, we have become predominantly full touring vehicle builders of the all popular, 79 Series Toyota LandCruiser and with each build better than the last we look forward the future and where this vision will take us.

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