JULY, 2023

This build is not like the others. Hands down this was the most fun to build and was great to work with a client who wanted it all. His dream car from childhood has finally become a reality and it was a pleasure to help create that for him and bring his dreams to life.

Starting off with a brand new 2022 LC79 single cab, we had the Superior Engineering outback tourer kit fitted pre-registration. This kit includes 4″ lift, replacement rear diff with coil conversion, welded rear chassis bracing and coil tower welded in, rear extended control arms, hypeflex front radius arms and remote reservoir shocks. All this was done before registration under the SSM (second stage manufacture) guidelines and completely road legal AUS wide.
Chuck on some 35″ mud terrains and we’re off to a good start.

Our clients vision was not for touring, not for work nor towing, but more a tough, go-anywhere hard-earned toy for himself is probably the best way to put it.

The tray is a one-off custom length built specifically to his requirements. He wanted the tray 300mm shorter than a standard 2400mm long single cab variant for the staunch tough rear end with exceptional rear departure/exit angle and no overhang. This means his rear toolboxes are much smaller, but still surprisingly practical.

Bringing the tray in shorter had brought more challenges, the tray would have been way shorter than the standard chassis and tow bar length so we modified the rear chassis and removed around 200mm, welded in the tow bar in its place and finished it off with some additional bracing. This means the tow bar is now much higher and tucked in, and also serves purpose to support the fuel tank.

Under the tray’s removable flooring sheets we installed 2x 80ah DCS heavy duty lithium batteries within a custom battery tray. This will power the vehicles complete wiring system as under the bonnet we removed the start battery and battery tray completely and rewired the factory loom to pick up power from the rear. It was done in such a way all factory fuses, relays and electronics remained in the engine bay for reliability and warranty reasons.

Up the front we have installed the ATD front bumper giving this farm truck a new face. ADT supply their bull bars to us in a raw steel finish, so we can sandblast, zinc powder coat primer and top off with the 2k high gloss finish to match the tray and to the same standard.

Enjoy the pics below and make sure you check out the YouTube video below for a close up walk around the vehicle

Thanks for reading,

Shannons Engineering.