With this build, we embarked on a mission to build not just a car but a legacy, a vehicle that would become the epitome of our customer’s automotive dreams and what will be the best and last vehicle our client ever buys.

Our journey began with a shared vision for perfection. Based on ‘The Ultimate Workhorse’ from our website, we understood our clients desire for a vehicle that could seamlessly blend rugged off-road capabilities with modern comforts. The 79 Series dual cab provided the perfect canvas for this endeavor—a robust and iconic platform that has stood the test of time.

With an uncertain future for the LC79 of this shape and engine spec, we collaborated closely with our customer and discussed his specific requirements and preferences to build one of the last of this model before Toyota discontinue this iconic V8 ute.

From the choice of engine mods, to suspension and GVM requirements and everything in-between down to the interior thread colour and stitching pattern. Every decision was a collaborative effort aimed at creating this bespoke 4WD tailored to his needs.

As we hand over the keys to our client we do so with pride and confidence. This isn’t just a 4WD to him; it’s a legacy in motion. The best and last vehicle our customer will ever buy, his END GAME.