JULY, 2023

With the evolution of our company and the current shortage of LC79’s, we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone and are thrilled to embark on a new chapter in our quest to build the greatest in reliable Australian Touring Vehicles.

Introducing our latest build for a very special client of ours, who has entrusted us with this being his third Landcruiser build, one of which being The Ultimate Workhorse, an iconic dual cab 79, we are honored to continue our partnership however, this time, the spec sheet has taken a different direction.. In contrast to the rugged nature of our previous builds, the focus now lies on comfort and safety, as this brand new 2023 Sahara will serve as his primary family car, this time tailored for unforgettable adventures and has been specially designed for family trips away to the snowy mountains and beyond.

At Shannons Engineering, we understand that each accessory choice can make a significant impact on the overall look and performance of the vehicle. We carefully considered the client’s preferences, lifestyle and budget to select accessories that align with his vision which is why we have spared no expense in choosing the very best in aftermarket accessories available for this platform.

With creative control in the hands of Shannon, we went with all-black accessories to turn what looked like a typical suburban SUV into a tough, modern but very capable 4wd. With a touch of luxury haha.

If you’re thinking of a new 300 build, weather it be a weekender or Aussie outback adventure tourer please get in touch and lets make it happen!

Thanks for reading,

Shannons Engineering.