Well this build didn’t turn out like I expected. My initial thoughts were, no mate don’t do it, way too much red. But as this big girl came together I could see the vision our client had imagined.

At the start of the project, our client was determined to spare no expense when it came to choosing the best parts available on the market, including the purchase of the Limited Edition 70th Anniversary LandCruiser model, full blacked out interior and black painted dash, chassis extension and the like. We worked closely with our client making sure that every aspect of their vision was brought to life and offered a turn-key vehicle ready for any adventure.

His vehicle was delivered to us partially completed with some accessories already fitted, which we were tasked to finish off, wire up and complete the build and provide a weighbridge & blue slip for his registration.

For the suspension and chassis extension he went with the Jmacx 4495 rear coil conversion and 300mm chassis extension combination. To get the vehicle up to the safety standard requirements for the heavy load capacity, the standard chassis was removed at the rear of the cab and replaced with a much stronger SHS and laser cut steel plate section.

This conversion allowed us to install a 300mm longer tray and canopy (2150mm tray, 1765mm canopy) and subsequently moving the rear axle further back has done wonders to keeping the weight over the axle for a safer, stronger and more comfortable ride.

Some key features of this conversion are an increased towing capacity to 4000kg, 4″ suspension lift, rear coil conversion, rear track correction, rear axle load capacity to 2850kg, heavier clutch and better brakes among other things. See our spec sheet below for more details on this.

Although you cannot see it, the whole vehicle has been meticulously wrapped in the Xpel protective paint film, a hard wearing, self-healing clear gloss film applied to all painted surfaces. This film will protect the paint from scratches and stone chips and self-heal any scratches once left in the sun to warm up. The result was a finish that looked like a mirror, reflecting the surrounding scenery catching the eye of every bloke he drives past.

The end product looks amazing and a credit to the owner for the great choices he has made along the way. We were thrilled to have been a part of bringing his vision to life and look forward to the future fit out of his canopy

If you’re considering building a custom 4WD, we highly recommend taking the time to plan out your vision and consult our expert staff ahead of time so we can recommend and select the best parts available. With the right team on the job from day one, your dream 4WD can become a reality build all under one roof.

Thanks for reading,

Shannons Engineering.