This has to be one of the greatest builds to leave our HQ and we couldnt be prouder.

At first glance it may look like many others on our page, but when you look closer, its unique in its own way. Our client has been very specific how he wanted it built, which we delivered on all aspects.

As like many of our other builds, its starts off with a few discussoins with our client over the phone and email, trying to gauge the type of build we are about to embark and whats important to him. He’s from lower Victoria and with covid looming, shop visits just weren’t viable. We went back and forth with a few revised quotes and once we we’re both happy, the build began.

First job straight up was to order a new 79 from from our local Toyota dealership here in Sydney. At the time of ordering, Toyota had a 12 month wait for any new LC79’s entering the country due to the Covid pandemic at the time. We used this to our advantage and ordered all his parts and hardware in advance, making sure we had everything ready for when the vehicle arrived and we could get started on the transformation. (check out the ‘behind the scenes’ images below)

A couple of key features that make this vehicle unique is the special order canopy with reverse layout. So this one has the seperated dog compartment front passenger side, and the fridge, power management and awning on the drivers side, specific to the owners request. We have also colour coded the Jmacx coil cradle, radius arms and a few other items to tie in his love for electric blue.

For more info, take a look at the rig rundown below and the photos and YouTube walk around.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.


Big shoutout to our partners who help make these dreams come alive:

– Ocam 4wd Accessories

– Runva Winches Australia

– Northern Beaches Tyres

– Carbuilders Australia

– Department of Interior

– TJM Hunter Valley

– My Generator

– Torqit

– North Shore Tow Bars

– Jmacx Offroad Solutions

– Enerdrive Australia

– Aquor Water Systems