You may have seen this rig before here on our website, or on the road around Sydney. We built Rich this vehicle from new back in 2019 and was set up primarilary for work and towing his excavator. Looking at the image above, its actually hard to believe its almost 4 years old! Here’s the original post –> Click here!

Times have changed for Richard and since his son has grown up a bit they’re getting ready to start using his ‘work ute’ for play. They’re gearing up for a trip up the cape in 2022 and needed some more storage, some 12v and a RTT.

What we’ve done this time is added a 900 wide half canopy in black Raptor finish and colour coded doors. There’s a divier in there half way seperating the vented dog side from the storage side. The dog side has been insulated and lined in aluminium sheet as a ‘wet area’ keeping the other side free from moisture or dust. The door has laser cut vents and a removable cover panel should you ever want to use that side for extra dry storage. To try and break up the bleak coolroom/morgue vibe on the dog side, we chucked in some 3m printed graphics as a gift to Richard for being a good sport.

On the other side we have installed a Dometic Waeco CRX80 upright fridge/freezer, a Redarc 2000w pure sine wave inverter and an Enerdrive 200ah Lithium LifePo4 smart battery with an integrated bluetooth app allowing you to access your battery status from within bluetooth range, and managed with a Redarc BCDC1250D and two 100ah solar panels on the RTT.

We have also supplied and installed the Alucab Gen3.1 RTT which is supported by the canopy and a small removable rear rack making the tent accessable from all three sides withi its included ladder.

Since his original drop sides won’t fit now with the new canopy, we supplied some new shorter ones and had them colour coded to match. If he decides to remove the canopy, all his original hinge mounts and harware have been retained and his old drop sides will fit back on.

A couple of little things we have done to finish it off include some external LED lighting, twin spare tyre holders, 12v power wall with a couple of outlets, power and USB outlets in the tent, blacked out the locks and hinge straps, external 12v outlets and a well overdue vehicle detail.

For more info, take a look at the rig rundown below and the photos and YouTube walk around.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.