July, 2022

Its not very often we work on a single cab 79 and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work on. There’s something about this ute that every man is drawn to, weather its timeless iconic shape, colour and design, to its aggressive stance with attention to detail and pops of blue here and there.

This vehicle came to us cab chassis (no tray) by road freight from Queensland. By the time it arrived we already had the tray sitting here fully assembled, plumbed and wired and ready to fit.

This immaculate 79 is actually 3 years old, it took some convincing as it’s so well looked after you’d swear it was a new one. With that being said, the owner had already had all of his other accessories, wheels and suspension fitted so for this build, all we did was the tray.

Make sure to sit back, grab a beer and check out the video below,

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