June, 2020

This build was probably the most enjoyable to watch come together. With canopy design cues and accessory brand choices not many people would disagree with, its attention its receiving on social media shows its quickly becoming the biggest bloke magnet we’ve built yet.

With the job starting off with a brand new 2020 LandCruiser, we handled the procurement of the vehicle with our local Toyota dealer, so the owner didn’t have to worry about the whole sale process and getting the vehicle sent to us etc. We got him a great deal on the sale so there was no reason to bother shopping around elsewhere.

What makes this rig stand out from the rest so far, is the matt black paint finish on the tray and canopy. Its the first time using this product and definitely wont be the last.

Only having met the owner for an initial shop tour and consultation he trusted us to build his dream touring vehicle and we handled all aspects of the build including the rear coil conversion/track correction, GVM upgrade, bar work, wheels and tyres, interior and even the RTT. All done pre-rego under second stage manufacturing guidelines which is legal Australia wide.

No engineering certificates necessary, no trouble with the registration every year, no trouble with the police or roadside inspections and most of all, safe for your family and other road users.

Take a look at the rig rundown below with followed by a quick walk around video.

Shannons Engineering.