July, 2020

With our business expanding and gaining recognition across Australia and overseas, its not uncommon for us to do a build for someone we’ve never met. Even though we have never met, we have now spent countless hours on the phone, social media dm’s and plenty of emails. I feel I know the owner pretty well now and he’s now part of the SE family.

Scott lives and works in remote Aboriginal communities of Meekatharra Western Australia, known for its mining and by the locals as ‘place of little water’ and if you see the image below, its not hard see why it got its name.

As you could imagine, he spends a lot of time off the black-top and needs a reliable vehicle, and being so far from anywhere he hasn’t got the ability to buy and build such a modified vehicle locally which is where we came in.

We have handled this build from very beginning including the procurement of the vehicle- being the middleman between him and our local Toyota dealership, GVM upgrade, rear coil conversion & track correction, the tray, canopy, interior and exterior mods, power management and all the running around in between.

You may have also noticed this set up a little different to our usual. This time we’ve tried something different by extending the tray 30mm and moving the canopy to the rear giving us a good size gap for the two 35″ tyres and (at the time) a swing-out tyre carrier which the owner purchased and sent to us for fitment. The reason behind this was to move the dead weight of the tyres over the axle and bring the centre of mass, well, back to the centre. Unfortunately the tyre carrier didn’t work out as it fowled with the RTT and the plan was aborted and went back to our standard headboard bolting system, which to our luck the extra 30mm in tray length gave us enough room to get your hand in and undo the bolt to remove the spares easily.

Overall we’re very happy with how the build turned out and so excited to see our products make it across the other side of the rock. This was one of the first 79’s to have the Superior Engineering 4″ legal lift and replacement diff etc and cant wait to see some crazy flex shots from the owner.

Take a look at the rig rundown below, followed by a quick walk around video.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.