August, 2020

We are excited to showcase our first coil converted, stretched 2020 LC79.

What does that mean? Basically this vehicle has had the chassis cut and a 300mm extension piece added and welded in making the wheelbase and tray just that much longer. Along with that comes new tail shaft, new handbrake cable, brake lines, wiring loom and fuel lines etc. And to top it off, we’ve also installed a Jmacx rear coil conversion with 3900kg GVM upgrade, AirbagMan load assist rear air bags and much more.

Why would you do that? There are many reasons someone would want this, better handling off-road, with the longer tray it enables you to push your cargo weight 300mm forward over the axle, reducing front wheel lift and putting more weight on the front wheels for better steering and braking. Bigger tray means more storage space and options for a bigger canopy. Two extra front toolboxes, and with the Jmacx coil conversion comes with it wider rear diff track with it’s replaced rear diff, increased GVM to 3900kg, upgraded brake booster and lets face it, from the side you cant argue it doesn’t look more proportional with rear wheels moved back.

For the tray, we’ve built a 2150mm long extended version with a removable rear ladder rack which matches the headboard profile, stainless steel motorbike lashing points built into the headboard, under tray air and water system like many of our other builds.

For more info, take a look at the rig rundown below and the photos and YouTube walk around.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.