Its not as common as our dual cab builds, but for this owner its exactly what he wanted.  

The owner’s setting up for the big lap around Australia and has opted for the 2-door for bigger tray space and camper size. He’s ordered a slide-on walk-in camper to to on the top so the single cab offers better weight distribution with the weight over the axle, no need to tow a trailer and to be honest, there’s no point paying for rear seats if nobody’s ever going to sit in them!

With cues from our dual cab trays, we’ve integrated some great under-tray accessories that every camper cant do without.  Like 60L stored water with pressure pump, under tray compressor with alloy air tanks, rear trundle draw and LPG gas bottle storage tucked away in one of the toolboxes.

To make the ute practical when not touring we’ve fabricated some 3mm removable alloy drop sides fitted with stainless steel hardware and black powder coated sheet metal skin on the inside.  

Another great feature about the single cab tray, is the space you have in front of the back wheels for an extra toolbox. We’ve made the most of these and tucked in the gas bottles, air compressor and fuel filler neck for the auxiliary Brown Davis long range fuel tank. 

For more info, take a look at the rig rundown below and the photos and YouTube walk around.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.




Update:  July 2021,

The owner has emailed us a few photos in of his pride and joy. 
Currently traveling Australia with his Carry-Me-Camper neatly fitted to the tray. After all, this was his intention from the beginning and we worked closely to assure the camper would fit and function how it should.