November, 2020

No its not a Ferrari, but it bloody well feels like one compared its predecessor.

Here we have our latest build, a single cab N80 Toyota Hilux. After having this murdered out tray design in my head for sometime now the purchase of the new ute was the perfect timing to break away from the daily grind of 79 series Landcruisers and try something a bit different. Its not full of accessories as per usual and some might question the practicability, but for me and what I want to use it for, it’s perfect in every way.

The tray was a 1-off design not usual to what we normally build with a tapered headboard constructed of individual sheet metal pieces welded together to produce a shape tapering in both directions. The design was made from cardboard first, taped together and test fitted to make sure it suits the Hilux cab shape. From there the cardboard patterns were re-drawn in CAD, and fabricated from individual sheet metal pieces and welded together producing a one-of-a-kind shape.

Besides the tray, we have also done a few small changes to give it the Shannon’s touch with things like colour coded front bumper, updated the grill and changed all the bulbs to LED, new wheels and tyres, window tint and finished off with a new pie-cut stainless steel exhaust tip.

For more info, take a look at the rig rundown below and the photos and YouTube walk around.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.