July 05, 2018

Straight from the dealership, this new ranger will be built for touring.

The owner loves to travel and knows what he wants. He’s just upgraded from a PX1 with a tub and has decided its time to get serious. He’s specified 1850 x 2100 tray with 300mm pressed alloy sides, under-tray dual battery management, 50L gravity fed stainless steel water tank, rear trundle draw, under-tray toolboxes, LED side flood lights attached to the headboard, headboard mounted spare tyre carrier, multi-point tie down system for tying his jerry cans, reverse trigger LED rock lights as well as reverse floods and LED strip combo tail lights.

He has also engaged ARB to fit new suspension, bull bar, brush bars & side steps, sunroof with roof mounted switch panel, cb, LED spotlights and light bar, under body protection, diff lock, long range fuel tank, 33′ tyres and probably more I didn’t notice.

Being a super cab, the drivers side area before the wheel we have fabricated a waterproof enclosure to mount the ARB compressor outlet and rocker switch. Also a good spot to store some hand tools and the air hoses and attachments.

The passenger side enclosure we have designed and fitted his electrical hub. This houses the 50A Anderson outlet which is directly connected to the aux battery under the tray fused with a 40a circuit breaker right there. A second Anderson outlet for the solar input connection when parked up, and a Baintech distribution board with USB outlet 2x cig outlets, battery voltage display and the switches for said outlets and headboard LED flood lights. This system is all running off the auxiliary battery through the CTEK D250SA DC/DC smart charger so there’s never a worry of a flat battery.

In addition to the enclosures, we’ve installed LED cabin lights in both enclosures, toolboxes and trundle draw. As Rangers have the courtesy light function, simply unlock the car via the keyring and the lights stay on for a period of time without inserting the key, or there’s a button on the dash to turn it on for a 15min period also without the key.

On the headboard, the client wanted 2x generic jerry can holders. The alloy type you just slide the cans into. We offered a better solution, the multi-point tie down system. It takes up no space, and is very versatile. The tie-down points can slide along the track to the desired location and lock in, or take them right off, giving you endless tie point combinations.


What we did:

  • SE Custom steel tray 1850W x 1850L
  • 60L stored water system with brass gravity fed tap at rear
  • 105AH AGM battery under tray
  • CTECK D250SA smart charger with solar input
  • Viair 444C 12v compressor
  • Single spare tyre cradle
  • 3mm Aluminium removable drop sides
  • Custom alloy sealed boxes in front of wheels
  • Rear pull out draw
  • LED flood lights on headboard