2018 LC79 Military GXL

September 4, 2018

Our latest build has far been the the most creative and enjoyable to watch come to life.

Grab a beer and enjoy the read below of some of the unique features of this build explained.


Shannons Engineering Team

Starting off with a brand new LC79 Dual Cab Landcruiser, delivered to us from an interstate Toyota dealership unregistered. The owner also lives interstate so we mainly communicated over email and phone and he was involved in all the big decision making of the build. He stated the main features he wanted from the tray design and its intended purpose, which is a big help when building your dream ride. We spoke how the canopy was to work in unison with the tray when connected, but still be fully functional when separated.

Using our standard tray design platform as all our other ute trays we thought the cruiser needed a more chunky headboard to match the skinny cabin of the 79 series. We also incorporated the filler neck into the headboard which gets it out and away from where we wanted the under-tray toolbox to go. The toolboxes underneath are quite large and boast ARB air outlets both sides with the passenger side having the main switch and pressure gauge. Both boxes also have internal LED lighting and dust and weatherproof seals.

If you miss it, you probably wouldn’t notice we’ve also integrated rear parking sensors and a rear colour reverse camera to the rear of the tray, giving you the features you’ve probably come to expect from a car built in 2018.

Under the tray we have a 105AH sealed AGM battery, CTEK D250SA DC/DC smart charger and solar regulator, 200PSI Viair 12v compressor, a 9L aluminium air tank, ARB LINX system air solenoids for the rear bags and a 1200x650x150 galvanised trundle draw. That pretty much takes up the whole area under the tray which can be accessed in minutes by simply removing the countersunk S/S screws from the tray deck and lifting the flooring out. Also a good option if you want to give under the tray a good clean.

The canopy is connected to the ute via a waterproof patch lead, all made in-house with one connector on the headboard and the other on the canopy front wall. Through that one plug, its been wired to connect the under-tray battery to the two 110AH sealed AGM batteries mounted within the canopy. When the vehicle is running, its charging the three batteries through the CTEK. There is also provisions where if the user is parked up for some time, a solar panel can be connected to the canopy which will also charge the system through the CTEK. Another feature we have installed is the LED tail lights at the back of the canopy will also work through the same plug seamlessly. One connection, nice and tidy.

Another great feature of our unique patch lead connection to the canopy is, if you had the canopy parked up at home for example for weeks or months on end, or staying at a powered camp site, there is the ability to use a separate lead which can connect to mains 240v to charge and maintain your battery system – all through the same plug.

This canopy has also been fitted with wireless keyring-fob electric rams built into the internal frame structure. This feature eliminates the need for heavy bulky jacking legs to carry around. The concept is simple- remove the fixing bolts from within the canopy, stand back with a cold beer in one hand and the button in the other. Lift the canopy to the desired height utilising the available 250mm of travel, let go of button to stop the rams, insert the 4 telescopic Lunarlegs adjusting desired length and insert the locking pin. Now retract the rams with the keyring button and watch the canopy settle itself firmly on the ground. Disconnect the umbilical cord and drive out! To put the canopy back on just repeat in reverse.

The internal lighting and wiring is built into the framework of the canopy for a clean looking interior. Lighting is housed in LED strip light extrusion which is laser cut into the framework. The two internal LED strips are switched independently at each door and the LED strips in the doors themselves are wired up to a PIR motion sensor and digital timer meaning no need for a switch or no way to forget and leave the light on. Great for camping and hands free. The timer is programmable from 1-10mins and has a sensitivity of about a 3m radius from the door.

Thanks for reading!

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What we did:

  • SE Custom steel tray 1850W x 1850L
  • Re-locate fuel filler into headboard
  • 60L stored water system with 12v pump
  • Central locking in toolboxes & canopy
  • Viair 444C 12v compressor under-tray
  • Rear integrated trundle draw
  • LED rock lights under tray front and back
  • Full aluminium removable canopy
  • LED motion controlled internal lighting
  • 2x 105AH AGM slim line batteries
  • CTECK D250SA smart charger with solar input
  • 15a 12v USB/Cig sockets both sides
  • Marine carpet laminated plywood false floor
  • LED tail lights integrated into rear of canopy
  • Twin spare tyre cradle
  • Aluminium folding rear ladder
  • LunarLeg2000 canopy legs
  • Wireless internal rams integrated into the canopy for hands-free liftoff
  • RhinoRack Tradie Platform on roof of vehicle and canopy
  • Wheel & Tyres x6