April, 2022

This story starts off with a cruiser that fell into this fellas lap, and an unfortunate start to another’s.

In the beginning, we had built a tray and had a pile of accessories here at the ready for another clients graphite dual cab. After waiting almost a year for the delivery, we were shocked when Toyota delivered us the wrong colour – silver.

Our client was not happy as you could imagine, and after such a long wait he wouldn’t settle for anything less than graphite. So, the decision was made to continue with the tray and accessory fitment as planned, and I’d help the poor bloke out and help him sell it.

Along came Loveday. Money at the ready and on the hunt for a brand new silver dual cab. The timing couldn’t of been better for him. Within an hour of listing it on our socials he’d already been in touch and put his deposit down. From there we tweaked his build spec sheet to his taste and carried on with the build. We also got the nod to build his custom canopy so we got started on that also with design cues from the SE-BOSS canopy layout and 12v electrical fit-out. (see spec sheet below for a list of what that included)

Unfortunately for the original chap, he was left with no option but to take his money elsewhere (a different dealership,. as they offered no compensation or even tried to source him the correct colour replacement) and get in line again for a grueling 12 month wait on a graphite one. But on the bright side, he’s now going ahead with a monster build- portals and all so we’re looking forward to that one!

Due to the timing, the vehicle was registered tray only, then the client returned at a later date to have his canopy fitted which explains the two lots of photos with the car looking slightly different.

For more info, take a look at the rig rundown below and the photos and YouTube walk around.

Thanks for reading.

Shannons Engineering.

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