When our clients initially came to see us about their 79 build, and after seeing the SE-BOSS in person, some major changes to the build spec sheet were made. Even the colour!

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a young couple who were in in the market for a turn-key fully optioned 79 build. Being a hard working power couple with their first kid on the way, they didn’t have the time or the effort to spend at other shops getting different trades working on the accessory fitting etc and wanted a one-stop-shop, and more importantly one point of contact for the whole project.

After our initial meeting and a tour around the workshop and other current builds, we worked closely to understand their specific needs and wants, and then set to work designing and building their dream tourer.

The suspension was upgraded to a 4″ lift and Jmacx rear coil conversion, the GVM was increased to 4200kg for the future plans for a caravan. Some other things that are included in the upgrade are things like a heavy duty clutch, upgraded brake booster, stainless braided and extended brake lines, billet radius arms, remote bypass shocks to name a few. More details about what’s included are below on the build spec sheet.

The tray has all the new SE features like under-tray stored water tank, on-board compressed air system, plenty of storage and our upgraded tray design to relocate the fuel filler to the rear so you now have access to both bowsers at the service station and a larger drivers side toolbox.

The canopy is basically a carbon copy of the SE BOSS canopy which includes a full Enerdrive 12v lithium power management, carpeted internal walls and plenty of internal space for activities.

The end result was an incredible machine that exceeded the customer’s expectations. Not only was it built to handle the toughest terrain, but it also had all of the comfort and luxury features that the customer wanted.

The clients were absolutely thrilled with how it came out, the fit and finish of all our handmade components and how the vehicle mimicked a carbon copy of the SE-BOSS build which was the vehicle they fell in love with from the very beginning.

Overall, it was an incredibly satisfying experience for us to see the customer’s reaction to their new 4WD and know that we had played a role in making their off-roading dreams a reality. It’s customers like these that make our job truly rewarding and we look forward to building many more in the future.

Thanks for reading,

Shannons Engineering.