Revamped 79

September 18, 2019

This build took over 9 nine months in the making, plenty of design changes along the way, and a customer with high standards who knew exactly what he wanted.

With this build, we started off with a pre-owned 2018 79 series dual cab with an existing steel tray, not 100% happy with his current set up, he engaged us for the job for a total rear-end makeover.

The job was broken into 2 parts, upgrade the tray to what you see above, get him back on the road while we designed and manufactured his custom slide on 3-door canopy at a later date.

The tray included some of our popular under-tray accessories like stored water system with 12v pump, ARB air compressor with alloy air tanks, rear trundle draw, central locked toolboxes with internal lighting and a few other bits and pieces.

The canopy was our first 3-door design which we spent a fair bit of re-designing from our earlier canopy design and added a few little changes like raising the top door jamb by 60mm to fit an 85L upright fridge, completely partitioned off dog box area which could be hosed down inside, vented door and even a little 12v fan in there for the pup.

We also included central locking, motion sensor internal lighting, roof platform, and some slide out draws.

With the new canopy design i mentioned earlier, we also introduced our new rear tyre carriers, which are removable, on a 5deg pitch and adjustable to suit any tyre size or stud pattern. At the back we also included some staunch LED flood lights which are controlled from the roof console inside the cab, and a rear view camera.



  • Remove existing tray, modify existing wiring to integrate into new tray set up
  • SE Custom steel tray 1850W x 1850L
  • Aluminium under-tray tapered toolboxes
  • Aluminium one piece guards
  • Aluminium sealed rear trundle draw
  • Central locking on toolboxes
  • Internal toolbox LED lighting
  • 80L stainless steel water tank with 12v commercial pump & pressure switch
  • Shortened passenger side toolbox with our hidden tap design
  • ARB twin piston compressor inside toolbox and 80A dedicated circuit.
  • 2x 9L alloy air tank with stainless steel braided lines.
  • ARB quick connect outlets on both sides for pumping up tyres
  • Under-tray electrical sub-board
  • Under-tray LED rock lights on reverse signal (rear of tray, front of rear wheels)
  • Single canopy connection. Power, lighting, central locking, reverse camera
  • Relocated fuel filler behind toolbox door
  • Colour coded 2pac paint


  • Fully TIG welded removable, slide on canopy
  • 3 door construction
  • Separate dog compartment with removable vented dog door
  • Lockable internal aluminium deep draws
  • 12v USB/Cig sockets both sides
  • 12v fan in the dog compartment
  • 85L upright fridge/freezer
  • Removable adjustable rear tyre carriers
  • Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform
  • Rear Stedi LED flood lights
  • Rear view colour camera
  • Single canopy electrical connection
  • Stainless steel rated lifting lugs with internal support
  • Central locking on genuine Toyota fob
  • Colour coded 2pac paint
  • Neoprene weather seal around canopy perimeter